Simple plans, straightforward pricing

Simple plans, straightforward pricing

Pricing is per city, per business location. For multiple cities, properties and/or users, please contact us for a custom setup.

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per month




Frequently asked questions

Event planners, meeting planners, trade show coordinators, senior marketing and sales staff, owners/presidents and a handful of other positions that are usually involved in planning the trip.

No, our information is based on future travelers coming to your city, not historical bookings from the past.

We use proprietary technology and our in-house team of researchers. You can learn more about our process on the product page

We’re an independent data-tech and research company. As much as we love CVBs, we’re are not affiliated with them. 

No, but you can sign up for the monthly plan and give it a try!

Yes, once you register your first city, you will be able to add more inside your account. If you have several properties or cities, please contact us for a custom setup.

Each property requires a license. Once you register your first city, you will be able to purchase additional licenses inside your account. Alternatively you can contact us for a custom setup.

At the moment we are only a data supplier.

After you sign up, your invoices are accessible inside your account. Invoiced billing is available to enterprise clients with multiple cities or properties.

No problem! Head over to the contact page and give us a shout. 

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